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Imaging of atmospheric trace gases in volcanic plumes

Type Masterarbeit
Group  Atmosphaere
Contact Jonas Kuhn ; INF 229, R 344, Tel 54 6318 Christopher Fuchs; INF 229, R 326, Tel. 06221 546317
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Date 2019-03-19 16:50:14


Background: Many atmospheric trace gases can be detected and quantified by spectrally analysing light, which traverses the atmosphere. Thereby the measurement has no impact on the process to be studied. This is essential for studying highly reactive trace gas species, which play a major role in many important atmospheric processes (ozone and halogen chemistry, air pollution, volcanic plumes, etc.). These kind of measurements are successfully performed since decades using a telescope and a grating spectrometer (Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy, DOAS). However, the spatio-temporal resolution is too low to resolve many atmospheric processes (e.g. local emissions of point sources, such as volcanoes) and therefore limits their observation. There is a high interest in novel measurement techniques with increased spatio-temporal resolution, i.e. fast imaging techniques for atmospheric trace gases. Our approach is to replace telescope and spectrometer by a wavelength selective element (in our case a Fabry-Pérot interferometer) and a camera. Bromine monoxide is a short-lived (reactive) intermediate species in many volcanic plumes when mixing with the atmospheric background. Studying it‘s spatio-temporal evolution in the plume would allow to further assess the suitability of in-plume BrO/SO2 ratios (routinely measured at many volcanoes) as a proxy for volcanic activity and hazard forecast. Work plan: • Implement / further develop and characterise Fabry-Perot Camera prototypes • Perform measurements in the field • Data analysis and interpretation Requirements: • Willingness and motivation to work on and to contribute to a bit riskier project • Enthusiasm for at least two out of three: air, light, volcanoes • Experience/interest in optics, electronics and programming • Willingness to participate in field campaigns
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