Institutskolloquium Sommersemester 2017

Zeit: Donnerstag 11:00 - 12:30
INF 229, Seminarraum 108/110

Datum Thema Referent
20.04.2017 Dynamics of reactive and inert gases in soil air and groundwater Dr. Simon Mayer
IUP Heidelberg
27.04.2017 Weather signals and the Energy Markets at EnBW Dr. Matthias Piot
04.05.2017 Putting away CO2 for good: carbon sequestration in basalts Prof. Dr. Martin Stute
L-DEO / Barnard College
11.05.2017 no seminar
18.05.2017 Thorium and Protactinium isotopes as tracers of marine particle fluxes and deep water circulations: lessons from the Mediterranean Sea Prof. Dr. Matthieu Roy Barman
25.05.2016 Christi Himmelfahrt
01.06.2017 Active Thermography as a Tool for the Estimation of Air-Water Transfer Velocities
Jakob Kunz
lUP Heidelberg
08.06.2017 Caves, Climate and Society Dr. Sebastian Breitenbach
Ruhr-Universitšt Bochum
15.06.2017 Fronleichnam
22.06.2017 Northern hemisphere glaciation during the latest Paleogene and Neogene Prof. Dr. Oliver Friedrich
Geowissenschaften Heidelberg
29.06.2017 Knowledge Fusion in Soil Hydrology - towards consistent aggregation of information Hannes Bauser
IUP Heidelberg
06.07.2017 Retrieval of Cirrus Optical Properties in the near-IR spectral range Lisa Scalone
IUP Heidelberg
13.07.2017 Nd isotopes as palaeo water mass tracer in the North Atlantic Patrick Blaser
IUP Heidelberg
20.07.2017 New applications of continuous atmospheric O2 measurements Dr. Penelope Pickers
University of East Anglia
27.07.2017 He isotopes in geothermal exploration Florian Freundt
IUP Heidelberg