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Postdoctoral researcher

Typ Postdoc
Arbeitsgruppe  Paläoklima-Dynamik und -Variabilität
Projekt STACY
Kontakt Dr.Kira Rehfeld ; Tel 54 6353
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Datum 2018-07-10 11:28:07


The successful candidate will develop a multi-proxy inverse modeling framework to provide palaeoclimate proxy-based constraints on the amplitudes of past climatic and environmental change. Starting with existing Bayesian Hierarchical models, forward models for pollen, speleothems and ice cores are assessed and extended. A clean and modular formulation of these models form the basis for a successful inversion of these models, to provide multi-proxy constrained estimates for past temperature and precipitation changes. This challenging task, at the forefront of databased paleoclimate science, requires a background in statistics, and programming skills, and, ideally, experience in Bayesian inference. Requirements: — Completed PhD, or close to completion — Experience in numerical techniques — Programming skills and scripting in high- and/or low-level languages — Strong motivation and the ability to carry out research in a dynamic team including students — Experience with statistics, in particular Bayesian modeling techniques, are an advantage, as are familiarity with paleo-ecological or paleo-climatological proxies and -models, and knowledge of UNIX/Linux platforms. The position is initially offered for two years, starting on October 1 st 201 8, or soon therafter, with possibility for renewal. Payment will be in accordance with experience following the German public service positions (TVöD E1 3), which includes social security plans. Conditions of employment follow the rules of Heidelberg University and the German civil service.
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