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Details zum Stellenangebot Nr. 238

Construction and characterization of a mobile gas separation setup

Typ Bachelorarbeit
Arbeitsgruppe  Aquatische Systeme
Kontakt Stefan Beyersdorfer; Prof. Dr. Aeschbach
Weitere Infos ./details/238_IUP_BA_Extraction_system_ATTA.pdf
Datum 2017-03-17 09:22:42


The aim of this thesis is to build and characterize a mobile setup for the degassing of groundwater, based on vacuum degassing with a membrane contactor. Monitoring of the degassing process will be done with an Arduino Interface where basic programming in LabView is involved.
You will spend most of the time in the laboratory, assembling the setup and characterizing its efficiency. A short field trip to test the setup is also planned. The work will be done within our ATTA group which is specialized on gas extraction techniques and provides good supervision to you.
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