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Statistical assessment and modeling of spatio-temporal patterns in speleothem records from the last Glacial to present day

Type Doktorarbeit
Group  Paläoklima-Dynamik und -Variabilität
Project STACY
Contact Dr.Kira Rehfeld ; Tel 54 6353
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Date 2018-07-10 11:36:28


Project Background: Future climate can only be projected with climate models, in particular General Circulation Models (GCMs). The aim of STACY is to assess climate model capabilities in simulating climate variability. Changes in past climate variability are established through statistical analysis, and combined with improved understanding of paleoclimate archives to derive forward models of the proxy signal formation. These are then applied to assess climate variability changes throughout the last 80,000 years on a global scale. Position Background This position will contribute to the project goals by assessing mid-latitude climate changes in space and time with robust statistical techniques. Forward models of speleothem calcite formation will tested, improved and applied for key sites (in collaboration with project partners). They provide the basis for a climate model- to proxy data comparison focusing on changes in climate variability. The PhD candidate will analyze speleothem datasets, and test, improve, and apply forward models for their oxygen isotope composition, to facilitate the comparison to model simulations. Requirements: Applicants should have a MSc degree in physics, mathematics, computer science, geophysics or a closely related field and qualify for the PhD programme in Physics at Heidelberg University. Dedication, quantitative skills and good writing skills in English are important. Experience in programming and data analysis are an advantage, as well as the willingness to visit collaborating research groups and participate in fieldwork. The position is offered for three years (TVöD E-1 3 50-65%).
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