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Vacant Positions

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Type Group Title
Doktorarbeit Paläoklima-Dynamik und -Variabilität Statistical assessment and modeling of spatio-temporal patterns in speleothem records from the last Glacial to present day
Masterarbeit Atmosphaere Quantitative comparison of volcanic SO2 emissions retrieved from ground and satellite
Masterarbeit Atmosphaere Retrieval of O4 and the colour index from NOVAC data
Masterarbeit Fernerkundung von Treibhausgasen Molecular absorption line-shapes and their impact on satellite CO2 and CH4 measurements
Masterarbeit Fernerkundung von Treibhausgasen Development of a stand-alone atmospheric greenhouse gas spectrometer – deployment on research vessel
Masterarbeit Fernerkundung von Treibhausgasen Satellite remote sensing of atmospheric carbon dioxide: TanSAT
Postdoc Paläoklima-Dynamik und -Variabilität Postdoctoral researcher


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