We teach in both Physics and Earth Sciences. In Earth Sciences our focus is on 'Statistics (and R programing) developed by Martina Schmidt, and the second key aspect is 'Environmental Physics and Marine Geochemistry'. As a former postdoctoral fellow at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory I have had the change to learn from Wally Broecker who sadly passed away this year.
In Physics, our focus is 'Environmental Physics' (MKEP4). The bachelor seminar on 'Isotope methods in Environmental Physics' and the practical excercise (F55) 'Rayleigh fractionation' has become a successful series. But much energy goes into the scientific training of students (see the list of accomplished projects below). Our course program is on LSF . Want to get involved? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Next Blockseminar on Marine Geochemistry (GEOW) in January 2020, see the list of subjects ... (here)

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Accomplished Bachelor-, Master- and PhD Theses

(Bachelor- and Master Thesis documents can be assessed via the internal libary pages) 



  1. Age determination and temperature reconstruction using cold-water corals
    Tamara Dardoufas (Ba 2019)
  2. U-Th-Pa isotope ratio measurements without radioactive spike by MC-ICP-MS
    Christoph Dornick(Ma 2019)
  3. The Uranium Budget and 234U/238U Isotopic Composition at the Amazon Outflow
    Jan Kamm(Ba 2019)


  1. Uranium series dating, stable isotopes and geo-chemistry, of “Hells Bells” speleothems from the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
    Nils Schorndorf (Ma 2018)
  2. Radiokohlenstoffmessung von natürlichen Karbonaten am Beispiel des holozäanen Stalagmiten M6
    Lukas Proß(Ba 2018)
  3. Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from seawater employing sep-pak C18 cartridges loaded with the HDEHP complexing agent
    Michelangelo Tagliavini (Ba 2018)
  4. Biofilm induzierte Spurenstoff-Variabilität in Kalktuffen des Kaisinger Brunnenbaches mittels LA-ICPQMS
    Christian Wirths (Ba 2018)
  5. Rekonstruktion der Nordwärtsbewegung von Mittelmeerwasser anhand von Tiefseekorallen
    Amrei Glasder (Diploma 2018)
  6. Cold-water corals - reconstruction of paleoenvironmental history off Mauritania
    Hannah Sarah Schneider (Ma 2018)
  7. The Na/Ca Ratio in Deep-Sea Corals as a Proxy for Salinity in the Ocean
    Paul Roßteutscher (Ba 2018)
  8. Radiocarbon in speleothems and drip water: On the way to a holistic model of stalagmite formation
    Simon Oliver Sauer (Ma 2018)
  9. Tiefseekorallen als Archiv eiszeitlicher Temperaturentwicklung der Thermokline nahe der Azorenfront
    Hanna Rosenthal (Ba 2018)


  1. Cold-Water Corals as Archives for Ocean Dynamics,Environmental Conditions and Glacial Reef Accumulation
    Freya Hemsing (PhD 2017) (go to)
  2. Radiokohlenstoff-Alter von eiszeitlichem Zwischenwasser im NO Atlantik
    Elvira Beisel (Ba 2017)
  3. U-Series Dating of Pteropod Rich Sediments from the Brazilian Margin
    Marleen Lausecker (Ma 2017)
  4. Towards ε-Precision of U-series Age Determinations of Secondary Carbonates
    Jennifer Arps (PhD 2017) (go to)
  5. The application of radiogenic neodymium isotopes as a palaeo water mass tracer in the subpolar North Atlantic
    Patrick Blaser (PhD 2017) (go to)
  6. IRMS Stable Carbon and Oxygen Measurements of Carbonates from a Flowstone from the MIS-11
    Marvin Bobrowski (Ma 2017)
  7. Tiefseekorallen vor Angola: Archive der tropischen Zwischenwasserdynamik seit der letzten Eiszeit
    Carla Roesch (Ba 2017)
  8. Uranium Series Dating with a New Laser Ablation Multi Collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Setup, Development of a measurement routine and first findings
    Julius Förstel (Ma 2017)
  9. Climate variations in the Arabian Sea from LGM to Holocene - A stalagmite radiocarbon record from Socotra Island
    Steffen Therre (Ma 2017)
  10. Investigations of Authigenic Neodymium Sediment-Pore Water Interaction and Reconstruction of Deep Water Mass Sourcing in the North-East Atlantic
    Frerk Pöppelmeier (Ma 2016)
  11. Fully Automated Chromatographic Extraction of Th and U: Performance of the prepFAST-MC and its Application to Cold-Water Corals from the Angolan Margin
    Anne-Marie Wefing (Ma 2016)


  1. Comprehensive Analysis of Antlantic Circulation during Heinrich Event 1 & 2 (PhD 2016) (go to)
    Benny Antz
  2. Charakterisierung verschiedener Detektortypen in der Massenspektrometrie mit induktiv gekoppelter Plasma-Quelle (ICP-MS)
    Christoph Dornick (Ba 2016)
  3. Tracing Sub-Decadal Iceland Basin Water-Mass Changes Using Desmophyllum dianthus
    Evan Cooper Border (Ma 2016)
  4. From rain to stalagmite - climate controlled stable isotope variability in coupled earth system - stalagmite model
    Jorge Manuel Sanchez (Ma 2016)
  5. Local overprinting of εNd and Li/Mg in deep-sea corals of the Azores
    Kai Nakajima (Ba 2016)
  6. Temporal and spatial cold-water coral occurrence in the Alboran Sea and the Gulf of Cadiz during previous glacial-interglacial cycles
    Thomas Krengel (Ma 2016)


  1. Bestimmung von Lithium-Magnesium Verhältnissen mit Hilfe der Laser Ablation Induktive gekoppelten Plasma Massen Spectrometrie
    Henrik Eckhardt (Ba 2015)
  2. Rekonstruktion der Ozeanzirkulation im Nordatlantik während ausgewählter glazialer Terminationen der letzten 900 ka anhand von Neodymisotopen
    Jasmin Link (Ma 2015)

  3. Variability of the bloom in the southern Ocean at inter-annual, seasonal and intra-seasonal time scales
    Jens Terhaar (Ma 2015)
  4. Evolution oft he seawater Uranium Isotopic Composition through time
    Hannah Nowitzki (Ma2015)

  5. Hydrogeochemie, Kalktuiffbildung und zeitliche Entwicklung des Kalktuff-Systems ?Kaisinger Sinterterrassen? in Greding, Bayern
    Simon Ritter (Ma 2015)
  6. Cold-water coral ecosystem changes in the souhern Gulf of Cadiz induced by oceanic dynamic variances from 20 to 40 ka
    Niclas Rieger (Ba 2015)
  7. Radiokohlenstoff in Stalagmiten - Austauschprozesse mit der Höhlenluft
    Alexander Hubig (Ba 2015)
  8. Das Lithium-Magnesium Verhältnis als Temperaturproxy in Tiefseekorallen - Temperaturkalibration und Temperaturrekonstruktion
    Marleen Lausecker (Ba 2015)


  1. Warmzeitliche Ozeandynamik im Rockall Trog - Datierte Tiefseekoralle als Klimaarchiv
    Kai Käser (Ba 2014)
  2. Paläoklimatische Untersuchung einer Tiefseekoralle aus dem Nordostatlantik: Altersbestimmung mit der U/Th - Methode & Rekonstruktion von Wassertemperaturen anhand von Li/Mg-Verhältnissen
    Barbara Hennrich (Ba2014)
  3. Sauerstoffisotopische und mineralogiscche Untersuchung an Stalagmit M39-764 ein Paläoklimaarchiv für das Holozän der Zentralschweiz
    Kathrin Leutz (Ma 2014)
  4. Small river tufa morphology derived from sub-meter footprint airborne Lidar bathymetry at Greding
    Jörn Profe (Ma 2014)
  5. The seawater Neodymium isotopic composition from Iceland tot he Azores
    Astrid Waldner (Ma 2014)
  6. Konzentrationsbestimmungen Seltener Erden am ICP-MS
    Richard Dietrich (Ba 2014)
  7. Charakterisierung von Neodym-Messungen eines Thermionen Massenspektrometers
    Frerk Pöppelmeier (Ba 2014)
  8. Messung von Lithium-Magnesium Verhältnissen an einem iCAP Qtm Quadrupol-Massenspektrometer mit induktiv gekoppelter Plasmaionenquelle
    Julius Förstel (Ba 2014)
  9. Radiokohlenstoff als Vegetationstracer - Messungen des toten Kohlenstoffanteils am holozänen Stalagmit H5 aus dem Oman
    Steffen Therre (Ba 2014)
  10. Eiszeitliche Ozeandynamik im Golf von Cádiz - datierte Tiefseekorallen als Archive
    Anne-Marie Wefing (Ba 2014)


  1. Analysis and evaluation of a leaching procedure for the extraction of authigenic rare earth elements (REE) from marine sediments oft he North Atlantic
    Philipp Eisinger (Ba 2014)
  2. Investigation on the Extraction of authigenic Neodymium from Marine Sediments
    Patrick Blaser (Ma 2013)
  3. Paläowachstumsraten von Mangankrusten- Variabilität der O2 Konzentration im pazifischen Tiefenwasser
    Freya Hemsing (Ma 2013)
  4. Untersuchung der Ozeanzirkulation vor Brasilien bis ins letzte Glazial mittels 231Pa/230Th
    David Wichmann (Ba 2013)


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