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The University permits scientific services based on established research methods. Hence, if you are searching to conduct Th/U dating or trace element and isotope analysis you are welcome to get in touch with us. Regarding radiocarbon dating, get in touch with our partner at the Curt Engelhorn Center in mannheim. As a rule of thumb we are not providing service without scientific cooperation, which implies that we mostly participate in the evaluation and interpretation of the very speecific data we collect.

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Our most important scientific activity. We determine ages on corals, stalagmites, travertine, calcareous tufa, with precision levels up to sub-permil if the samples alow for it. Get in touch .. (contact)


Through TIMS and MC-ICPMS we are able to conduct precision analyses of Sr-, Nd-Isotopes on carbonate samples, sediments, and other bulk material. Get in touch ... (contact)

Stable Isotope Analysis

We are equipped with instruments such as mobile CRDS gas analysers and mass spectrometry to provide stable isotopic composition of CO2, CH4, H20 and also of carbonates. Check the science of the 3 envolved teams for scientific cooperation, and get in touch...(contact)

Data Sources

All the data which we publish is available on request or is stored in international data bases such as

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