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Physics of Environmental Archives


Learn more about our recent team events, new projects and publications, the scientific progress and innovations. We provide monthly updates on the team progress and activity.


Our team studies the dynamic of the past global climate making use of various archives and geochemical tools. Learn more about the currently running research projects here.

Gallery and Cruise News

Find out more about our daily work in the laboratory, the field work and also the team events.


Learn more about the specific teaching provided through by members of the team and access ressources from previous classes, talks, and seminars.


Learn more about the members of our team, its presently active bachelor-, master- and PhD- students and the post-dotoral fellows. We share also a list of alumni.


Here you can find a complete list of publications, further links will hopefully follow soon to University ressources and internet platforms, as well as to Masterthesis and PhD Thesis manuscripts.


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