EGU Journal Geochronology

The EGU launched a new open access Journal "Geochronology" in April 2019. Geochronology will facilitates links between geochronological methods, innovation, best practice and reporting to be shared. It concerns geochronometric research across all timescales.

Puerto Rico - Speleothems
13. March 2019

Sophie Warken has taken 3 students and a colleague to Puerto Rico in the frame of a Project funded by Heidelberg University to collect speleothems and cave drip water for climate studies. All are well and the field work makes great progress.
Snowball Earth Traces
13. March 2019

Andrea Schröder-Ritzrau and René Eichstädter joint the international field workshop 'Precambrian-Cambrian boundary, Ediacara biota, Snowball Earth deposits and the Geology of the Nama Basin around Aus (Southern Namibia)' arranged by Prof. Ulf Linnemann and colleagues and joint by the Geological Survey of Namibia, Windhoek

Poster Award

Julius Förstel has won the prestiges Poster Award during the 2019 HGSFP Winterschool in Obergurg'l and we congratulate him for this success, making the team a winner two years in a raw.

Johannes Miocic and his colleagues have shown that the leakage rates shows geological carbon storage is secure over up to 420'000 years even in flaut systems (See also German Pressrelease (Pressemitteilung)

Physics of Environmental Archives

Physics of Environmental Archives explores the climate messages left in various geological sedimentary archives such as corals, speleothems, calcareous tufa and marine sediments. We are interested in conducting high precision U-series and radiocarbon dating (the later in close cooperation with the Curt Engelhorn Centre for Archeometry ) and we focus on the cycles of trace elements and isotopes which serve to fingerprint the climate information we intent to retrieve. For more information explore our links below.
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