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The Labs and instruments

We dispose a large number of facilities to describe, store and document the samples we work with. The sample repository contains corals and speleothems from all around the world. Those samples are typically cleaned and chemically treated prior to the application of mass spectrometric instruments, such as thermal ionization mass spectrometry. For the Isotope analyses we now dispose some cutting edge instruments such as laser-ablation coupled to multi-collector inductively coupled plasma source mass spectrometry (short: LA-MC-ICPMS) or high sensitivity inductively coupled plasma source quadrupole mass spectrometry. Finally we further dispose state of the art tools to measure stable carbon and oxygen isotopes in carbonates and water by isotope ratio mass spectrometry. Look up the service section for the analysis we provide through scientific cooperation.

Images from research cruises and field trips

The team participates in research cruises to collect samples from all around the world. The photos are not in chronological order and just provide a glance on what it is like to be on sea or to take part in a search for new speleothems or other environmental archives such as calcareous tufa, sediments, rocks etc. The shown remotely operate vehicle Victor 6000 belongs to the marine research infra-structure IFREMER and all rights on using those photos belong to IRFREMER and the cruise chief scientists. Other equipments are sediment traps, long gravtiy or box cores and the new ROV - Squid from Marum. Finally, water is collected using conventional CTD - cast mounted on a rosette with 24 Niskin bottles of 10 litres each.

Team events ...

Each year we have several team events to celebrate success, to strengthen the team, and get to know each other better. Recently we have visited the waterfalls of Bad Urach. Last year we have been a week on a scientific writing workshop and the year before we went caneoing and bowling. We participate in conferences, invite we receive special guest visits in Heidelberg and sometimes just celebrate remarkable events such as the 40 years of environmental physics.

Movies ...

Here we propose a selection of movies that cover aspects of our work or the scientific field.


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