Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Physics of Isotopologues

Open Positions

The research group has multiple positions to fill, from bachelor and master projects to PhD studies:

  • NEW: Hiwi(s) for various projects, e.g., on innovative methods in absorption spectroscopy (evaluation methods, theoretical assessments, experimental tests), support in the operation of the fluid inclusion isotope system, or in the mass spectrometric analysis of clumped isotope samples
  • Master project with respect to isotopologue spectra description
  • NEW: Bachelor project on innovative methods in absorption spectroscopy and atmospheric CO2 description
  • NEW: Bachelor or master project on isotope ratio calibrations (oxygen and hydrogen isotopes) for analyses on laser-spectroscopic systems. The project involves testing promising calibration approaches and the development of precise evaluation methods. Furthermore, the interested candidate may assess experimentally extraction schemes for fluid inclusions in speleothems (a valuable paleohydrology archive).
  • NEW: Bachelor or master project on the high-temperature clumped isotope system. The temperature recorded in natural carbonate minerals depends on the thermal history of the mineral, but also the internal characteristics. The interested candidate is expected to investigate a set of well-characterized samples that experienced a diverse thermal history and to interpret the data in a physical perspective.
  • NEW: Bachelor or master project: isotopic fraction related to multiply-substituted isotopologues.
  • Master project with focus on clumped isotopes in liquid solutions description
  • Bachelor project related to isotope exchange reactions description
  • Master project on isotopic characterization of interglacial speleothems description
  • Details of bachelor and master projects are also posted on the department web page. Further projects (as e.g. Staatsexamensarbeiten für Lehramtsstudenten) are available upon request.

    Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. T. Kluge in case of questions.