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Exchange processes between the ocean and the atmosphere

Exchange processes between the ocean and the atmosphere

  Prof. Dr. Bernd Jähne
Dr. Günther Balschbach
Dr. Kerstin Krall
Dr. Maximilian Bopp
M. Sc. Sonja Friman
M. Sc. Angelika Klein
B. Sc. Maximilian Papst
Institut für Umweltphysik
Universität Heidelberg
INF 229 
D-69120 Heidelberg
++49 6221 546350
++49 6221 546405 

Wind-induced waves and boundary layer thickness at the water surface

water surface reconstructed from measured surface slopes (ISG: imaging slope gauge) and boundary layer thickness (BLI: boundary layer imaging)

Imaging of Waterwaves

Infrared image of the Watersurface
Turbulent exchange processes at the water suface (Oceans, lakes and rivers)
  • Studies on the parametrisation of gas exchange between atmosphere and oceans or lakes (climate relevant gases like CO2, Methan und Dimethylsulfid, reaeration of lakes).
  • Gasexchange experiments in Wind/Wave tanks and in the field
  • Insitu Measurements of gas exchange rates in the field useing active and passive thermography.
  • Direct high resolution measurement of the vertical concentration profile of dissolved gases in the boundery layer using laser induced fluorescens.
Dynamics of small scale wind waves in the laboratory and in the field
  • Nonlinear dynamics and interaction: microscale wave breaking, solitary gravity-capilary waves
  • Surface roughness as a key for modern remote sensing of wind velocity fields, significant wave height and gas exchange rate using radar scatterometry und radar altimetry (ESA satellites ERS1 and ERS2).
  • Developement of new imaging techniques for quantitativ imaging of wind waves and measurement of statistical parameters of the wave field.
Quantitative flow visualisation
  • Measurement of the turbulence flow field near to the water surface using particle tracking
  • New techniques for 2D and 3D flow measurements from image sequences: particle tracking techniques to estimate Euler and Lagrange flow fields.
  • Application: Nonlineare interaction between water surface waves; dissipation of wave energy into turbulence ("micro scale wave breaking").
Image processing and Computer Vision at the IWR/HCI
  • Image sequence processing to study dynamical processes
  • Multidimensional image processing


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