Software Tools


W. Aeschbach and colleagues

I have been involved in the development of software tools that help to interpret noble gas and other tracer data.

The software is available via the following links:

Modeling noble gas concentrations in (ground)water:

Inverse determination of model parameters by weighted least squares fitting.

There are three programs available: A simple MS EXCEL workbook, a more sophisticated MATLAB routine, and finally the very versatile, stand-alone program PANGA.

The old, simpler EXCEL workbook developed by myself is available here: Noblebook

The MATLAB routine developed by Frank Peeters is available at EAWAG: Noble gas fitter
There is new  version available (since Dec. 2003), and an updated manual.

The new software PANGA developed by Michael Jung is available here: PANGA page.

Modeling age tracer data in young (ground)water:

Box-model approaches to interpret 3H(-3He), CFC, and 85Kr data.

The software "Boxmodel V3"  is a MICROSOFT EXCEL workbook, designed for educational purposes. It has originally been developped by Kai Zoellmann, and later been expanded by myself and used for a UNESCO-workshop by Urs Beyerle. Workbook and documentation are provided here for free download.

Boxmodel_V3 workbook (3.8 MB MS-Excel file)
Boxmodel documentation (1 MB pdf-file). (1.1 MB zipped version of the above).

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