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Air Quality Measurement Technology (AQMTec)

Instrument Development Emission & Immission Measurement

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Dr. Denis Pöhler
Project Manager AQMTec

Dr. Martin Horbanski
Senior R & D Scientist

Dr. Johannes Lampel
Senior R & D Scientist

Alexandra De Aguinaga
Business Manager

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Platt


Name Function E-Mail-Name
+49 (0)6221 54
Miriam Reh M.Sc. Alumni
Katja Bigge M.Sc. Research Assistant Katja.Bigge 5477
Tim Adler B.Sc. Research Assistant Tim.Adler
Tobias Oesterle B.Sc. Alumni
Lena Herrmann B.Sc. Alumni
Lukas Tirpitz M.Sc. Alumni
Christopher Krufczik B.Sc. Alumni
Florian Kanatschnig B.Sc. Alumni
Erik Lutz B.Sc. Master Student
Lukas Gröschel B.Sc. Alumni
Erik Meister Alumni
Ulrich Roth B.Sc. Alumni
Richard Brenner B.Sc. Alumni
David Hector Bachelor Student
Sebastian Sontag B.Sc. Research Assistant
Sven Riedner State Examination (First Degree) Student
Kerem Celikay B.Sc. Research Assistant
Oliver Fischer Bachelor Student
Tobias Engel Bachelor Student
Martin Weinreich Bachelor Student
Lasse Mayer Bachelor Student
David Kalb Bachelor Student



Since over 3 years a NOx measurement device developed at the Institute of Environmental Physics (patents pending), the so-called NOx-ICAD, has a high media resonance.

With its new and mobile measurement instrument the team around the Environmental Physician Denis Pöhler can measure NOx in the exhaust plume of preciding vehicles. The system currently expanded for measuring nitrogen monoxide (NO) and carbon dioxide (CO2), thus supporting a number of different environmental observations and emission measurements. Areas of application range from high-end research, vehicle emissions measurement, air quality monitoring, as well as applications in industry and medicine. This spectroscopic instrument delivers reliable emission values under actual driving conditions, measurements that were formerly possible only with expensive systems attached directly to the vehicle. Rather than insufficient model calculations, the data collected via the mobile device can be used to identify major polluters.

The young scientists have succesfully applied for the funding EXIST-Transfer of Research financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi). This programm supports outstanding research oriented projects that involve expensive and high-risk resource development. The main aim of founding a "spin-off" company was successfully reached in March 2017: Airyx GmbH.

Application example of emission measurement


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